Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Rex is doing so Great. I have never accused Rex of being a great communicator. As he gets older he is becoming more like his Dad and can tell a great story.  He could give a little more but I will take what I can get.  I love that he can see the beauty in Our Heavenly Fathers Creations.  He is living in a perfect example of the beauty of the earth.  I am jealous.  :) I don't believe I have ever seen Rex so happy.  I am so proud of him.   


I love his face!

As a mother this picture scares me.
 I am curious to know if he got sick.

Now we are all jealous...

Momma, i did not know what I was getting myself into. this place has literally become home and it's been a week.
i have seen so many miracles, it's crazy. 
The first lady I ever talked to is named Jenny. She is a Philipino woman that speaks english. to make a very long story short, she joined the church in '94, had to moe to the middle east so that her son could go to school. in the middle east, there are no scriptural books beside the koran allowed, so she became inactive. she moved to italy and was bedridden because she has a stomach ulcer. the very first time she decided to go outside in months was the day she ran into me. JENNY IS A MORMON. she is meeting with the sisters now, and she wants to come to church.
So we went to Rieti last week (most beautiful place on the face of the earth) to get my permesso papers done, and we met an older woman named Carla. she is a post office worker, with a beautiful family. she said that she wanted to be baptized, rather jokingly, but she accepted our number and gave us hers. we taught her 2 nights ago, with her family. they were so nice and the spirit was super tangible. we gave her a BOM and she said she was going to pray and such. super cool, we're going to set up another appointment. bad news- they live in the Terni district. so we have to give them over to Terni. THEY ARE SO COOL so we might teach them another lesson just for fun. :)
so one thing Dad told me to do was to 'use my talent.' in the last week, i have played the Ukulele and some bongos, and they have led to contacts. all i'm saying is when you can, use you're talents, and then slip some gospel in.
the members of my ward are awesome, and most of them speak a bit of english, so that is helpful.
we lost the car keys this week, so we went on a super long journey to rome to get the spare key. it was probably one of the best days of the mission. we taught most of the restoration of the gospel to a woman named gaisa, and she loved it. we will probably teach her and her husband sometime this week. we also met this dope less active guy named Alex. he was baptized eight years ago, and just stopped going one day. he motioned me over to talk to him and i didn't have many words to say. but he said because i was so eager to talk to him, even though i only spoke a little bit of italian, he really wanted to go back to church, because the people are so nice. he calls me riccio. which means hedgehog. awesome.
we also talked to bamba, and he was awesome. he was with his friend mustafa, and they are the guys that played the bongos. he was so cool, and he accepted a french BOM from us. but he lives in ladispoli, so we referred him to the elders there.
so far we've taught a few awesome member lessons, and hung out with a convert of one year Nem every sunday so far. but it's been awesome. we're trying to get an english course goping here, so i'll let you know how that turns out.
this place is awesome. we'├Čve recieved about 10 contacts this last week, all of which lived outside our area, except for gaisa. the Lord is definitely testing our finding skills.
read lots of scrips, send lots of love, and tell the ward that i think about them all of the time. tell matt vest to email me. i still need TJ's email. and michael hansens email.
I love you all very much!
anziano blair.
don't have a ton of time, because the darn computer froze on me.
lots has happened, and it's all been insane. the last 2 weeks of my life have proprio strano. 
so i have to cut out just a we go.
i've eaten at 2 restauraunts this week, and it's been great.i ate at 1 for free, because our zone leaders have hookups. IT WAS A 7 COURSE MEAL. too tight. the lady there may have sent a ton of pictures.
we ate at another restauraunt trying to meet a contact who owned the place, but she never showed. it costed 10 euro and was the best pasta i have ever had. too cool.
we only had one lesson this week, and that was with andrea. he is awesome, and he attends the sisters english course. he likes imagine dragons, and thinks its cool how i have every song in the world memorized.
i bought a guitar for 20 euro. long story short, we can play instruments, and i got a tight classical guitar. it needs new strings though, so uncle eric, get on that. 80/20 silk and steel per favore. or whatever you use when you play classical.
so i prophecied like crazy this week. Anz smith came into the room and said, 'should i roll my sleeves up today?' and i said 'dude. if 3 ragazze (teenage girls) walk by today and your sleeves aren't rolled up, they won't want to hear what you have to say. but if they walk by and your sleeves are rolled up, they'll listen to us.'
guess what. we ran into 4 ragazze and 1 ragazzo. anz smiths sleeves were rolled up. the minute he thought, 'there are only supposed to be 3 ragazze.' oine of them went away.
WHAT. prophecy.
we went to mass on sunday, because this awesome african woman invited us. some opf them were super nice. some of them gave us 'the look.' overall it was tight. we jammed to an ecuadorian folk band someewhere in there, also.
'take no thought for the morrow.'
it's been fun! loving life.
Ciao! Anz Blair.