Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I thought I lost Rex's blog for like a month.  I seriously couldn't find it.  I hope this works.  I am not tech savvy at all.  The poor kid.  I swear I saw a picture of him with a birthday cake.  Now I can't find it. Darnit!

There he goes again drinking nasty water again..

 Looking cool as usual!
So thankful he had such a great first companion!

The Island of Malta....

This is why Rex is jealous. Can you imagine???

YO. so it's been a little while. sorry about last week, we napped and missed a lot of email time. lesson learned. no more naps. even if it's p-day.
so a lot of crazy stuff has happened! let's start with my birthday. 
september 1st. it was planned to be the perfect birthday. beach volleyball, awesome food, good day.
and then it rained. and then we forgot the phone at home, so we didn't know that beach volleyball was cancelled. so it started going downhill pretty fast. 
until francesco came around. he took us out to pizza, and he gave me an awesome shirt and tie for my birthday. he is the best.
days passed, and work fell through a lot. we did a lot of finding, and din't find a lot of people. but it's ok. things will work out soon! we had zone conference and i got my AWESOME package. i just hope you guys know that all of he stuff you wanted me to give to the primary kids in my branch are sitting at the house waiting for the next zone conference. :) Those are missionary toys! we had an awesome training from president waddoups, about developing faith to find. it was also good seeing all of the missionaries in the zone again.
i gave the district meeting training on tuesday. it was focused on humility, and i started off by asking people about all of the jank stuff about missionary work. haha, they were like 'what?' and then i said that all of the stuiff that is hard about missionary work can be overcome through humility, which is basically saying that we need to rely less on what we want, and rely more on the fact that what happens to us is what God wants. people told me it went well.
We had scambi on friday and saturday last, and it was awesome. I went and scambied with anziano Bee, and we did a lot of finding. we also got our transfer calls!
so the big news is........ I'm staying in Rome 5! this is going to be my 4th transfer, and i will hit my 6th month mark. awesome! Anziano Smith is going to MALTA! (i'm a bit jealous) i'm extremely excited for him! which means that i will be recieving a new companion. ANZIANO PUFF. (pronounced poof) he is from north italy, and he is german. i've heard that he speaks a little italian, and next to none english. this next transfer is going to be very interesting. it's ok, because we'll be able to keep teaching francesco! francesco has been coming to church with us and he's just an amazing man. he's a good friend, and he already said that anziano smith and i can go visit him any summer for a month after the mission. so i will be going bakck to italy every summer. :)
dario is also doing very well. he's an amazing guy, and he is so excited to get baptized. he's almost ready too! 
well, today we will be going to francescos to play some soccer and ultimate with frisbee. life has been good! i'm excited to be with anziano puff in a few days. maybe i'll drive. probably not. 
Love you all, write a missionary. there are thousands out there.
ciaociaociao, anziano blair.