Monday, August 4, 2014


It sounds like he is doing well.  He still has not answered a single question I have asked him.  I even asked him "Why haven't you answered my questions?"  He Said.... "What questions?"  He is exhausting.  Seeing his pictures tells me everything I need to know.  He is making great choices and is loving the work.  I am grateful for his example to my younger kids.  He is setting the standard for the others to follow.  What great kid!  I am glad he got himself a FLY Suit and a tiZight tie.  That boy!

so this week has been long and insane.
Monday- P-day. we went and got some FLY suits, and saw our friend francesco! he is so great. He is a clarinet player for the carabinieri band (carabinieri is basically a branch of the police force in italy). He got us carabinieri ties and they are super sick! 
Tuesday- we did DDM, and afterwards, i ended up staying in terni with Anziano Stephens for a scambio. we had a lot of studies to do, and then we went and taught english course. it went super well, and i'm kinda jealous that they have an english course and we don't. but, we have a couple of places lined up for english course in september. (ps i'm almost 19, which is proprio bogus)
Wednesday- two words. Zone Blitz. basically, everyone in our zone went to the rome 1 area, and did missionary work there all day, because there is not a lot of work going on there. It was fun, because we did scambi basically all day, and we attempted guitar finding. haha, it was tight.
Thursday- we went and hung out with mattia vaccarono, this tight 12 year old brother that wants to learn guitar. so i gave him my guitar and we did some cleaning in his house. we also downloaded spotify on his phone and jammed to lower lights whilewe were doing the dishes. this kid is proprio tight. he always asks about levi and what kind of parkour levi can do. but he says it all in italian, so i kind of just say levi can do anything. so levi, everyone here thinks you are a parkour wizard.
Friday- we went and saw our african boys samuel and latif. they are so tight, and they just need to find a way to get to churc. we really need to get a chapel out here, it is so hard for everyone to meet at the hotel in fiano romano, and even harder for investigators.
Saturday- We got transfer calls, and me and smithboi are doing another! we are super excited, because work will really start picking up after agosto. Smith will be District leader and we will have 2 greenies in our district. tizight. we went and saw our boy francesco at his house in poggio mirteto. he is building a house out ther in the mountains, and it is literally the most tranquillo place on earth. we have been having such a good time with him, and he thinks we are the greatest ragazzi in the world. he says that there are no other people that have this great of faith, to drop everything for 2 years and preach to people the things they know to be true, and paying the entire way there. I just hope one day the spirit can show him that we do this because of the blessings we have recieved and the power we have been given.
Sunday- another day at church. we gave the lesson in priesthood, and i literally don't speak italian, so i asked like 4 profound questions and let everyone share there thoughts. italian priesthood is the best.
today we are going to go on a hike at tevere farfa, since we did our work this morning.
tell me how life is! send pics! vi voglio tanto bene!
Anziano Blair