Thursday, April 10, 2014


On Mon, Apr 7, 2014

Just a little Tidbit from Mom:  I cleaned Out Rex's car.  I am pretty sure it hadn't been touched in two years.  I found some really disgusting stuff in there including muddy clothes and blanket in the trunk.  I also found Hunter's missing winter coat.  :) Rex is doing wonderful!  Rex and I would have hashtag offs.  We would hashtag whole conversations.  Good times!

:) I'm loving it sooooooo9oooooooooo5o4oooo much. :) muddy clothes=cave spelunking. Levi can get my clothes dirty. I love hunter! tell him that i miss him. I hope you got my letter. I don't have a lot of time, but things are definitely looking up. More and more each day i feel the spirit, and i just want to go teach people now! we went to the temple today and it was really cool to see everyone in my zone there. I'M ZONE LEADER BABY!!!! haha, i'm loving it. lots of responsibility, lots of fun, lots of love for the spirit. Hopefully next week I don't get 15 emails and I have more time to write!
Hunter- LOVE YOU
Levi- Be good, and listen to your mom. and read Moroni 10.
Paisley- I hope your play went well! I love you and hope you are loving BEEHIVES WOOOO!
Adam- you are the little man! keep listening to cool music, being cool, and loving your family. oh, and put down the iPod more and make Levi play sports with you.
I LOVE YOU ALL. I'm glad you are praying for me, because I can definitely feel it.
Ringrazio per benedici, e per amo.
(i think thats right.)
Ciao! Anziano Blair.

 Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014
BUON GIORNO! this place is awesome! I'm absolutely loving the mtc!
Monday was exhausting. Lots of people that crazy love the spirit. I'm zone leader here with Anziano Anderson. We are having a rocking time! I've ate a banana and drank chocolate milk every meal so far (except one[They didnt have it one morning :(]) I actually drank ten cups of chocolate milk with my fellow zone leader, because we wanted to carry around a tray of just chocolate milk cups. terrible idea.
Conference was awesome! I really liked Corbridges talk! experiencing conference with all of the missionaries was pretty special. Our zone is extremely close, and we love it! Il vangelo is very strong with us, e il scopo di missionari keeps us on top.
I'm in a trio! My companions are awesome. Anziano Palazzo is from Dallas. He's a super athletic dude, and he listens to good music, and likes singing (and he aint too bad!)
Anziano Gibbons is dang cool! he worked at the temple for 7 weeks before coming on his mission! he used to love gaming, but didn't mind giving it up for his mission.
My companions are awesome. we all are working together to keep nostro scopo in our heads and our spirits.
The temple with my zone was pretty cool too! definite spirit felt there.
been discouraged a couple of times, but an easy was to get over that is Joshua 1:9.
Love the mtc, love the mission, love the gospel!
Ciao! Anziano Blair.

Rex passing along the Ipod and Phone to Paisley...
Other random stuff going on in the background also

Airport picture!

Camille, Ali and Rex at the MTC!

 Miss Ellen Photography took Rex's pictures the night he got set apart.  I am astounded at the job she did!  Not only is she gorgeous, but, very talented also!  thanks Ellen. 

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  1. I am so excited for Rex! He sounds great and I am certain he's made many lifelong friends. Sarah, let me know how hard/easy/bittersweet it is sending a son off for 2 years. I think I better loosen up my apron strings. Your family looks fan-flippin-tabulous! I love you. Love the Blair family and the richness each of them have brought into our lives.