Thursday, May 15, 2014


So Proud of my Boy!  He has his travel companions set up at the USO.  We have been to the Charlotte USO and it is a pretty nice one.  Free food, showers, recliners. I got an email from him at about 7 this morning.  Still waiting for a phone call.  He has proven to me he can take care of himself and doesn't need me all that much.  I just love him! 

Rex told me he is pretty sure nothing like this has ever happened to any other Missionary in the history of Missionaries.  How cute is that?  haha!
Italia here he comes!
Italia here he comes!
So I'm back in the mtc.
Satan really doesn't want the missionaries in Italy.
He had to set an entire control tower on fire to keep us out.
Oh well, we leave tonight at midnight.

So the last few days have been super interesting. I've been having a TON of those "I probably won't forget this" moments. We had some awesome times. I broke my duck. but then i super-glued him back together. and then i left him at the MTC, and then I came back, so maybe I wasn't supposed to leave him. idk.
Yesterday was super weird. We woke up at 5. We got to the airport at 8. We got through security and checked our bags ($100 for our second bag. lame.) Then we still had 2 hours before our flight left, so we handed out a few BOM's, we ate some McDonalds, and we talked to some cool people. I met like 5 soldiers going to ft. sell for SIG-INT training, or something like that. then we all got on the plane at 11 to Chicago and found out there was a fire in the O'Hara control tower. So we spent about 20 minutes in the airplane, only to get out and wait for an hour and a half for more information.
we talked to more people, read some more scrips, and I called our church travel agent. she said to continue with the plan, and that the airliner will put us on a different flight to London and Rome when we land in Chicago, since we were probably going to miss our connecting flight. At 1:30, we got back on the plane. We got on the runway and were just about to take off, when the pilot told us that they had shut down the Chicago airport for at least 2 hours to find out the problem. So we spent another 45 minutes on the plane, and chilled until about 3, when we were told that the flight was cancelled. Awesome!

       So this is where travel leader Blair sprung into action. We almost had a new flight for us when the Chicago flight was cancelled, so we had to go to the bag checking area to figure out a new flight.
I went down for my Rome missionaries to figure out a new flight, and every flight either had 2 seats, or two overnight layovers. Awesome. We ended up getting a flight for midnight tonight to Charlotte. we land in charlotte at 5:45am and have a layover until 1:45pm. I figure we can just hangout in the USO.
Then we take charlotte to JFK from 1:45pm to 3:45pm. and then JFK to ROMA! 3:45pm to 7:45am. So we will be in Rome on the 16th. THAT IS A 30 HOUR JOURNEY. but it will all be worth it when we get where we need to be.
        Dio is looking out for us, that's for sure.
So this brings me here in the good old MTC. Today is P-day, so we can go to the temple one last time. all-in-all, the last few days have been nuts to bonkers, but they have been fun.

and now I have an awesome story.....

      Anziano Blair
Rex and Jeremiah!  Long time friends. 

The Duck!

DaVinci has died... hope he remembered him second time around.

Hard at work!  Rex can make any time a GOOD Time!

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