Monday, July 7, 2014


I was so excited to get an email with some meat on it this week.  When I don't get good emails from him I get discouraged because I know he is discouraged.  He has been having headaches a lot.  The Dr. told him it was the cheese.  So I am not sure if he stopped eating cheese or what.  I have asked him a million time if it was crazy over there with the world cup going on.  He still hasn't answered me.  I am not sure what permesso means.  It translates permission.  Maybe for his Italian license?   He sounds so much better than he has.  I know he misses home.  What a blessing he is to our family.  I am so thankful for his service!

I wanna eat what is on the bottom left!


Can you believe he is there?

REX is a selfy master!
this week was off the hook. we had ddm and i met the new ZL. He is dying this transfer, but he's tight. we're starting a band when I get back. 
We had like a lot of lessons last week, and it was awesome. We met up with this girl cammelia, and she speaks proprio english. in fact, she only wanted to meet with us because we spoke english. buuuuuut we left her with an awesome commitment to read alma 32, and talked a lot about the restoration, and she loved it. She is from Rieti, so she belongs to a different area. We have literally had over 20 referrals to other areas. Me and Smith are finding machines, but for everyone else! anyways, I've been having some permesso troubles, so we spent a lot of time in riete this last week. We went to McDonalds and I ate 5 chickenburgers, cause bust.
afterwards, we did english course in our hotel/church meeting house, becuase the sisters could not make it. the students LOVED me and anz simth, and asked us to come back with the sisters next week. so we will see how that goes.
STORYTIME- Ok, I have had some of the best experiences of my life this past week.
over a month ago, me and smith decided we wanted to do some strada out in the country. so we parked the car and started walking. we had probablòy knocked on 12 different houses and decided we should probably head home. we both settled on ringin one more citophone. so we ring it, and this guy comes out and stand at the bottom of his driveway, which was probably a football field long. he yells and asks what we wanted, and we told him we were missionaries. he said he wasnt interested, and i yelled 'MA DAI', which essentially means, 'COME ON.' he smiled and walked away. anyways, After english course last thursday, we called our girl Simona. we first met her when she was sitting in her car. She called us over and wanted to talk to us, so we got her number and told her we'd stop by her store and exchange information. we got her number and call her after english course. she told us we could go to her house, and we got her address and such. so we were driving down some road in the middle of nowhere. we get to her house and IT WAS THE LAST HOUSE WE KNOCKED ON OVER A MONTH AGO. the guy came out, and he totally knew i had yelled ' ma dai' at him forever ago. long story short, they are coming to church next sunday, and want to meet with us again. the work goes on.
Had a good american pranzo with the sorelle and some members for fourth of july, and went and did some service in the old folks home. i sat next to some lady from argentina and she was speaking spanish to me the whole time and i had no idea what she was saying, but she was tight. afterwards, we went and met some of marcos friends (a ton of old people from poggio catino) and we just sat and talked at some benches. like 2 american missionaries and 8 random old italian people that have probably been meeting at those benches their entire lives.
Stefano and lorenzo both cam to church.
We had a bomb lesson sunday night, and this lady is already prime for baptism, so we're going to focus on her. her name is marilena.
no more time. no pictures this week, but next week i will have some tight terni pictures and some rome ones, as well.
vi voglio tanto bene!

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