Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Whelp!  He better get better at giving me more information!  Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.  He obviously doesn't need me.  Thanks goodness for AWESOME pictures.  I can't get enough of his big ole smile! 
There it is.....

So i don't have a crazy email this week. We've had lots of work, and lots of bidones (missionary slang for cancelled appointments [direct-ish translation is trash])
Our investigator stefano came to a baptism at the rome 2 building and he liked it, but he has his orthodox church to attend. everyone has their beliefs. the spirit has really touched him though.
I've decided to start eating cheese again.
Every time we get home late, the warm water doesn't work the next day. So there's a sign. :)
We are working hard, and it's a bit tough, but it was never easy for the Lord and his missionaries. Sempre avanti.
Elder Smith's birthday passed a while ago, so wish him a happy birthday. 
Palazzo had a birthday a while ago, so wish him happy birthday.
I sent some pictures. 
I am sure he ate the whole thing!
Tonight we are meeting with some guy i talked to on the train for like 20 minutes from Rome to Poggio Mirteto. His name is francesco, he is Carabinieri (some sort of police), and he says that baltimore is the most beautiful city on earth. I asked what our first names were, and we told him like a week and a half ago, and when i called him last night, i said 'ciao, francesco?' and he was like 'REX!' haha, awesome dude. he plays the clarinet, and he wants to have a dinner and jam sesh tonight at his house in rome. 
hopefully he's tight with a message.
works going along.
thanks for the pictures. send a lot more.
work on that package. LOVE YOU ALL.
ciao, anziano blair.

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